Dawson Miller

First Impressions

The first image that greets you upon visiting DawsonMiller is one of this blonde beauty wrapped in a sheet and flashing her bedroom eyes at the camera. She looks sultry and seductive and you’d be a madman to turn down an invitation from her. If you look further down the page you’ll see an image of her smiling brightly, thus giving you the two sides of Dawson. This girl can do it all and she does it with an amazing body. She’s very playful in some of her picture galleries and videos and in the others she’s pure sex with her sultry face and hot body. I really like her look.

Hot Promises

The design of the tour is simple and refined, which makes me think this really is a homespun site and that Dawson really is the kind of girl that just wants to make a little money off her body and that she loves to pose naked. When you join you get access to her photos, her diary, her videos, all the latest updates, and her forums where you can have a little one on one contact with her. She adds a new photo gallery twice a week and puts up new videos intermittently. Most of all you get to enjoy Dawson’s impeccable beauty as a member, and that should be more than enough for most people.


The member’s area is so simple it should be applauded. That’s because there aren’t any horrible ads competing for your attention or superfluous design elements that only serve to distract you from what you’re really looking for. Instead there’s only the most recent updates, a picture from the next update, and a link to Dawson’s featured girlfriend (which is actually a free picture gallery of another girl). Once again, it seems clear that she’s managing this site herself and genuinely wants to keep her members happy.

The photo galleries are where you’ll find the bulk of her content. There are 53 galleries (as of July 1, 2007) but that number will continue to grow as the weeks go by. Dawson hasn’t missed an update since her site launched and there’s no reason to believe she will anytime soon. Most galleries have 75-150 images of Dawson stripping and posing naked. By the end of almost every image set she’s totally naked, and although she doesn’t spread her pussy explicitly you still get to see her sweet lips down there. Each image gallery also have a zip file for download if you want to keep the images on your hard drive forever.

The quality of picture galleries is largely driven by how insanely beautiful Dawson is. She’s one of the most beautiful young models working on the web today and she has quickly established herself as an up and coming star. Her galleries feature her posing in cute tank tops and t-shirts, sexy strapless tops that grip her breasts tightly, beautiful sweaters, and the occasional piece of lingerie. She definitely works the cutie look more often than not, but that’s her greatest strength so she should pursue it as often as possible.

There are two galleries at DawsonMiller that I really enjoy. The first is called The Girl Next Door and features a smiling Dawson posing in a beautiful sheer black off the shoulder lingerie top and a tiny pair of panties. She looks happy as can be in the photo set and the lingerie is positively stunning. There are 312 images in the set, so it might take you a few days to browse through this one alone. Also, the set is so hot it won her a magazine contest. The second set starts outside as Dawson poses in a purple sweater, a colorful scarf, and a pair of tight jeans. I really like the sweater and the fact that she’s not wearing a bra underneath. There are 86 images in this set and they’re all worth looking at.

In addition to her picture galleries Dawson has uploaded 20 video clips for her members. You’ll see the same general themes as the picture galleries (cute clothes, the occasional lingerie set, lots of smiling) but this time it’s in full motion video and in some cases it’s sexier. Some videos are of Dawson taking her photo galleries, but most are originally produced for the site and are exceptional. Each scene can be downloaded in one full length WMV clip or a series of smaller clips. The download speeds are fast so you shouldn’t have to wait long for your files to arrive.

Once again Dawson proves she’s an up and coming star in these video clips. She really has what it takes to be a superstar, and the camera just loves her. Her skin sparkles on film, her smile is always bright and beautiful, and her all natural body is a pleasure to behold. My absolute favorite scene features Dawson in a tiny white crop top and a short skirt doing a sexy striptease. This is the only video in which you’ll get to see her perform this kind of show and she’s a natural. This is an inside look at her body and it’s just mind blowing. Just imagine what it would be like going to bed next to this beauty every night. The other video I enjoyed is called ‘I Touch Myself’ and it features Dawson slowly stripping off a sexy bikini and playing with her body.

The content is basically restricted to the picture galleries and videos until Dawson gets a webcam setup. However, there are a few other areas worth visiting as a member. The first of these is Dawson’s personal diary in which she divulges interesting stuff about her life, gives you biographical information, and generally keeps you up to date on all things Dawson. She updates every one to two weeks, which is more than most of these teen babes.

The girlfriends section is also worth a look for the small collection of extra content it offers. Dawson seems to update it once a month, so don’t count on this to provide you with a ton of goodies. In the bloopers section you can see pictures and videos of Dawson having a good time on her shoots. She laughs an awful lot, likes to make jokes, smiles at every opportunity, and generally seems to be a happy girl. Downloading the bloopers videos are a good way to get some insight into her personality. The one thing you won’t find is a message board, which was promised on the tour.

Croco’s Opinion

As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t get any better than Dawson Miller when you’re talking about beautiful teen babes. She’s an exceptionally good looking girl and she has a knack for posing naked. She looks great in every image on her site and her body is a site to behold as well. She launched not too long ago and already she’s produced more content than some teen babes can claim. She continues to update at least twice a week and will soon have weekly webcam shows for you to enjoy. If there was ever a teen babe site you should join, it’s this one.


Dawson has put together a flawless design that leads you around her site with ease. The top of each page features all the links you’ll need and they’re easy to read and use. The design is simplistic but beautiful, which is all that you can ask.

Pricing Policy

If paying by credit card or check you’ll pay $29.62 for 30 days, $39.62 for 60 days, or $49.62 for 90 days. Paying by phone costs $29.95 for 30 days and is non recurring.

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